Red Set

The apartment was designed in alignment with the needs of the client, a hardworking programmer and business owner wanting a space to relax and switch off but have social gatherings every now and then.

The main feature of the design is the red arched bookshelf, which then transforms into a line and continues throughout the apartment. Besides its main purpose, the bookshelf acts as a translucent division between the living and kitchen area. Being the centrepiece, its role is to connect the spaces through the stripe on one hand, and to separate through the bookshelf on the other hand. 




The red line on the ceiling also indicates the walk from the entrance throughout the corridor and into the living/dining area where the bookshelf takes place.


Since it was a small space (65m2), the goal was to open up the space, resulting in more light and roomy living, kitchen and dinning area. The living space was unified by taking down the walls that separated the kitchen, pantry, and hallway, creating a continuous space, articulated by a central panel. A small but very practical apartment was designed by using a single element for double functioning.


Consisted of metal pipes, this panel becomes the element to visually separate the space and serve as a tv stand on one side and a kitchen bar on the other.

The apartment is designed to be experienced as a space of tranquility. This has been achieved with the simplicity of custom-made furniture and the use of calm and serene colors. Here you can see the dinning table custom made from (5) cm industrial pipes matching the coffee table in the living room as well as the Tv stand.

The wooden floor, white walls and the grey cement ceiling act as a background, while the focus remains on the beige in the dinning corner and the mint in the hallway furniture.

The bedroom is a continuation of that tranquil feeling. It consists of a floating bed, a vanity which doubles as a work station. And a large closet through out the wall. 

Another element that was used throughout the apartment is the arc seen earlier in the dinning area and hallway mirror and now the vanity mirror.


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